Hi! Welcome to my Science in Public blog for English 1101. Over the course of the next couple months I will be posting projects and blogs on different texts and developing my own voice as a writer, so if it’s tough to get through, stick with it, because hopefully my posts will improve. Being a mechanical engineering major here at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I’m not much into writing. However, by the end of this course I hope to dazzle all my readers, if not with the quality of my writing, then by the intensity of my improvement. Hopefully I can make up for my lack of writing skill with a love of reading. Hopefully the countless hours I spent reading while the kids I took care of this summer destroyed things will come in handy for this blog, but only time will tell. Even if my blogs are not worthy of the New York Times, I hope that you will recognize the piece of me that is in everything I write, say, and do. These blogs, however an assignment, are still opinions and arguments I believe in and want to support, if you have the audacity to disagree with my correct opinions, feel free to comment! Feedback, although unnecessary, is always welcome!